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College of Medicine

Creating next generation physicians

The constantly evolving healthcare needs of the world can only be addressed by expert medical professionals with sound knowledge and competent skills in their fields. To meet this growing demand, Texila American University's College of Medicine offers its medicine degree programs in the Caribbean.

Paving the way for academic glory

The healthcare industry remains a constant witness to progressive research that results in better understanding of diseases and treatments. This changing scenario necessitates a new genre of highly qualified medical practitioners who are flexible enough to adapt to these changes. Among the benefits of enrolling for TAU's doctor of medicine program are:

  • Receive hands-on clinical training early on in the program
  • Pursue MD program with Clinical Rotations in the USA
  • Learn to analyze clinical problems scientifically and arrive at a cogent differential diagnosis
  • Impart clinical care to society with respect, sensitivity, and compassion

Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU)

Texila American University has entered Curriculum Partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) in Ponce, Puerto Rico, United States of America for the Doctor of Medicine Program.

Under the partnership, Students will follow the curriculum that adequately prepare them with a pioneering education model that adheres to USA standards. Students will be taught based on flipped classroom model in which short video lectures are viewed at home prior to class sessions, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions that makes the class more engaging and interactive. This partnership enables the students to make it easier for them to match their Residency in USA.

Courses offered

As a top medical university, TAU enables students to acquire such capability. This medical school in Guyana transforms students into competent physicians who can meet the challenges of the healthcare industry. Being one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean, TAU offers advanced infrastructure and excellent academic resources to help students develop into talented physicians.

I am Mansour, currently in my 3rd year of the MD - Doctor of Medicine Program with Texila American University, I decided...
Mohammad Ali Mansour